Lizabeth J Swantack RN, BA
Inclusion Navigation & Planning

“Expect More. Get More.”

Liz Swantack, both a Registered Nurse and mother of an amazing 18-year-old who has Down syndrome, has made it her mission to help the parents of those diagnosed with Special Needs not be overwhelmed by the condition or the challenges it may cause.

Being diagnosed is not the end of your child’s potential, it is just the beginning, and by understanding what they are capable of and what opportunities exist for them, you can help ensure that they live a remarkable life while being supported and included among their peers.

Liz understands firsthand the challenges of planning for your child’s education and future, and can offer you the guidance and insight you need to meet those challenges head on. Married for 33 years, with two daughters pursuing social work and a third daughter involved in creative marketing, Liz understand the balance between family, school and social life. By facilitating research based techniques designed to benefit both special needs and traditional students, Liz is committed to making full inclusion a reality for all students with a special need.

Here to Help Parents and Their Children

Circle47 is the culmination of Liz’s vision, a resource that provides information, guidance and direction for both parents and their children. Her goal is to teach families how to be their own advocates, and how to interact with social and educational systems to ensure the best outcomes for their children. Learn how to overcome your child’s perceived limitations using real, research based methods and proven techniques to improve your child’s education and developmental opportunities.

Liz has spoken to several organizations on behalf of families struggling with a variety of diagnoses, and the feedback has been incredible. To help spread the message of inclusion and support, she’s put together a comprehensive program for parents about how best to help and advocate for the children that need them most.



Focused on Inclusion-Based Education and Future Planning

Circle47’s goal is to not only provide information and support for the parents of special needs children, but to also give real, constructive assistance to building a rich and fulfilling life for both parent and child. Disabilities don’t have to be the thing that defines your child’s life anymore, and Circle47 is here to provide you with the tools and information you need to provide a path toward success, inclusion, and happiness for your child, and your family.