Re-Writing the Book on Special Needs Education

Liz has made it her mission to help parents and children with special needs get the inclusion-based education they need to be successful. Newly emerging research suggests that both special needs students and traditional students perform better when mixed in the same classrooms, and that valuable learning experiences can be had by having the two groups interact.

A Story All About Inclusion

Circle47 is here to help ensure that your child gets the educational and developmental support they need from teachers, administrators and the entire school district. Instead of separate instruction and segregated programs, your child deserves the same opportunities to learn and grow that traditional students receive.

If you have any questions about our services, or would like more information about how Circle47 can help your child get the inclusion based education and support they need, contact us today at [email protected].

Circle47 Fees

  • $125 initial evaluation (2 hours)
  • $75/hr for additional counseling, evaluation or assistance
  • $65/hr for a walk + talk meeting (For those of us who hate to sit down!)

Services Provided by Circle47 Include:

  • Personal 1:1 consultation regarding unique inclusion strategies
  • Creative inclusion ideas based on individual needs
  • Conflict management/resolution solutions
  • Educational team building
  • Directional assistance in the educational process
  • Review of the ETR document
  • Review of the IEP document
  • Attendance at IEP meetings as needed
  • Referral data base for other needed services (i.e. doctors, lawyers and therapists)